Welcome! Families Connected is a group practice in Baltimore County, born out of the hearts of two social workers who’ve spent their careers helping individuals and families be their healthiest selves.  Starting in child-welfare and growing to serve the community as a whole, Melissa Lenet and Angie Quinn are dedicated to assisting you or your family with expertise, understanding, and partnership.

Families Connected was founded in 2009 by Angie Quinn and Melissa Lenet. After spending a decade working in foster care, Angie and Melissa created Families Connected to offer specialized support that is both trauma-informed and understands the complexities of foster care and adoption. In the decade since, Families Connected has grown to include services to the larger community.  Individuals and families seeking support for any number of personal pursuits or life circumstances have found invaluable partnership in Families Connected.

Melissa Lenet

Melissa Lenet, LCSW-C

Angie Quinn

Angie Quinn, LCSW-C

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